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granuflo side effects

Granuflo Side Effects

Granuflo Side Effects Lawsuits

GranuFlo used to be a vastly popular kidney dialysis product along with Naturalyte both manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company called Fresenius. Initially GranuFlo was considered a breakthrough in the field of kidney dialysis. Most kidney dialysis centers use pre-mixed liquid solutions for the dialysis process, but GranuFlo provided a solution to this problem as it was in a powder concentrate form that kidney centers could use to easily prepare their own solutions.  Not much was known about the possible Granuflo Side Effects during its release.

All was well until the FDA issued a class 1 recall (the highest possible)  of all GranuFlo products. It should be noted that GranuFlo is not entirely dangerous; it only contains a higher level of an active ingredient found in all dialysates. The GranuFlo side effects occur as a result of the bicarbonate levels in the blood exceed normal levels due to the excess presence of the acid concentrate in GranuFlo.

The most common GranuFlo side effects include:

  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Low blood Pressure
  • Low blood oxygen (hypoxemia)
  • Low blood potassium (hypokalemia)
  • Too much carbon dioxide in the blood

Serious Health Issues Resulting From Granuflo Side Effects

Granuflo Side Effects FDA RecallThese are not relatively dangerous medical conditions, but if left untreated they may lead to more dangerous and fatal conditions such as:

1. Heart attacks
Within Fresenius clinics, GranuFlo was linked to 941 cases of cardiac arrests in 2010. In fact, Cardiac arrests account for 59% of dialysis patients deaths. GranuFlo causes heart attacks as it raises the bi-carbonate levels in the blood far beyond the correct levels. Cardiac arrests remain to be the most potent medical problem linked with GranuFlo.

2. Sudden death
Actual figures have not been released, but it is more than certain that GranuFlo must have caused a number of sudden deaths. The risk of heart attacks was six times higher in GranuFlo users, confirming the fact that some of the dialysis sudden deaths may have been as a result of GranuFlo use.

3. Stroke
A stroke will occur if blood flow to the brain is interrupted. A stroke occurs suddenly, with little or no warning. When a patient is undergoing kidney dialysis, especially with GranuFlo as the dialysate, there are highly elevated levels of bicarbonates in the blood. The bicarbonates may lead to hemodialysis metabolic alkalosis which is major risk factor for stroke.

4. Cardiovascular Problems
Apart from heart attacks, GranuFlo use has been linked to cardiovascular problems such as cardiac dysrhythmias (abnormal rhythm of the heart), inflammatory heart disease and hypertensive heart disease. These cases might be caused by other factors, but if they occurred after undergoing kidney dialysis there is a possibility it was caused by GranuFlo.

Some of these cases are conspicuous with kidney related problems and they may have occurred as a result of other medical problems unrelated to GranuFlo use. Make sure to you make consultations with you doctor and lawyer before filing a claim. If you ascertain that indeed you were affected by GranuFlo use then it is your right to seek compensation as most of these medical problems tend to add financial and emotional burdens to our families.

In spite of all these side effects, GranuFlo still remains on the market. Lawyers can assist any victims of GranuFlo to file a claim. This is because Fresenius failed to inform doctors, the FDA or patients of the probable side effects of their product albeit they had knowledge of this.

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